USA Joachim Branches

Franz X. Joachim, b. 1825 in Unterbissingen, was the 2nd youngest in his family.  Franz and Maria T. Neurührer, b. 1831 in neighboring village of Buch, traveled to the USA and settled in St. Clair, Michigan.  Ship manifest, obtained from the National Archives, document Franz traveling on the Bremen Bark Emma and arriving in New York on 3 Feb 1853.  Information to document Maria Theresia's travels to the USA have not been located to date. 

Leonhard Joachim b. 1824 also traveled to the USA.  Ship manifest documents that he traveled on the ship Helene & Henriette and arrived in Baltimore on 17 Jul 1854.  No other information is known about Leonhard.

More USA Joachim's

Franz X. and Maria Theresia Joachim raised 9 children in St. Clair, Michigan.  Note is made that Joseph and George Joachim b. 1873 were twins.  Those who are known to remain in St. Clair and raise their families are listed below.  George and his wife Eugenia Schaefer later moved to Marine City, Michigan.

Today many descendants of these "Joachim Branches" live in the St. Clair County, Michigan area.