I am keeping a current Joachim descendant database separate from this website.  If you would like a copy of the database please contact me.  To keep the Joachim Family Tree growing, please notify me with updates on your family. 

Website Updates

This website will be updated as more information becomes available.  Corrections will also be listed here.

Check back soon!  Working on a duplicate site translated into German.

Joachim Family Reunion Planned

July 17, 2010

e-mail Beth Joachim Mitchell for more details



Updates 21 Feb 2010

Helen Coughlin-surname spelling corrected

Louise "unknown"- corrected to Putkammer

Garnet Swanson-Bruso-vital dates added

Beatrice Beauvais-Joachim-vital dates added

Bernard Shorkey-vital date and info added

Photo corrected of Mary Olive Robins

Photos added for the following; Bettie Joachim Murray, Robert Murray, Bertha Joachim-Shorkey, Bernard Shorkey, Edward (Ted) Joachim, & group photo added of Donnie, Bettie, Eugenia, Bertie, and Margaret Joachim

Thanks for all who have contributed!