German Neurührer Branches

Matheaus Neurührer b. circa 1750 is the earliest Neurührer known to date in this branch.  He married Anna Maria and had a son also Mathaeus Neurührer b. 1776 in Brachstadt, Germany. 

Matheaus b 1776 married Catherina Wörner b. 1778 and settled in Buch, a very small village east of Bissingen/Unterbissingen.  Their first born son was Joannes Michael Neurührer  b. 1807.

Joannes Michael married Maria Anna Schmid b. 1805 from Unterbissingen,  Maria Theresia Neurührer b. 1831 was their 2nd child.  Note is made of the difficulty this family must have met.  Maria Anna lost her husband and 9th child one day apart in 1842, while she was carrying her 10th child.   Six months after the birth in 1843, she became Maria Anna Schmid once again by marrying Josef Schmid.

Note is made that the Neurührer name has also been pronounced Neurieder.  It must have been difficult to translate the name in English, as it was miss spelled numerous times in various USA sources obtained for Maria Theresia.  This may be the reason for the difficulty in locating ship manifest records for her.

There are no known descendants of the Neurührer branch in Buch, Germany