Later German Joachim Branches

Josephus Joachim b. 1812 was the second oldest of 12 children born to Anton Joachim and Theresia Voitl.  He and his wife, Theresia Kummer b. 1816, remained in Unterbissingen, Germany (House #12), while his younger brothers, Franz X. Joachim b. 1825, and Leonhard Joachim b. 1823, traveled to the USA. 

Joseph Joachim b. 1851 and his wife Josefa Eggenmüller b. 1861 had 16 children.  Many of them died at a young age.  Their sons Kaspar Joachim b. 1887 and Sebastian Joachim b. 1892 died  during World War I.  Their son Joseph Joachim b. 1886 migrated to Lindau, Bavaria, Germany.  He married Maria Weidmann.  Descendants of this branch remain in Lindau today.

More Later Joachim's

Those that remained in Bissingen/Unterbissingen are daughters of Joseph b. 1851 and Josefa b. 1861 Joachim.

Crescentia Joachim b. 1897 married Anton Schäferling b. 1895 and took charge of the family farm (Unterbissingen House #12), which remains in the Schäferling family to this day.

Josepha Joachim b. 1883 married Josef Ganzenmüller b. 1876.  Many descendants of the Ganzenmüller's remain in Bissingen today

Theresia Joachim b. 1895 married Georg Korn b. 1979.   Many descendants of this branch also remain in Bissingen today.