Early German Joachim Branches

Joseph Joachim b. circa 1720 and his wife Maria Franziska Gnugesser b.1770 are the earliest Joachim's, known to date, in this family tree.  Joseph originally came from Brachstadt, Germany, his wife from Leutenhoff.  They married in Bissingen and were the first settlers in Unterbissingen.

More Early Joachim's

Antonus (Anton) Joachim b. 1778 married Theresia Voitl.  They were the first family to live in Unterbissingen House #12.  They had 12 children.  Most notably are Joseph Joachim b. 1812 and Franz X. Joachim b. 1825.

Anton's younger brother, Udalricus Joachim b. 1787 married M. Anna Würth b. 1798.  They lived next door in Unterbissingen House #11.  More research is needed on this Joachim branch.