Welcome to Unterbissingen

Bad Bissingen

Unterbissingen was first mentioned in 1377 as “Niederpissingen” when it belonged to the Count of Oettingen.  By 1573 it was known by it's present name.  Up until 1806, when it was annexed by Bavaria, it existed as an independent village (even from Bissingen).

The village of Unterbissingen averages approximately 260 people.

Unterbissingen was a municipality of it's own until 1971, then it was added to the municipality of Bissingen, which is the neighboring village.

After WWII, when the American troops conquered Bavaria, they installed a new mayor who needed to have no links to the Nazis or the Nazi Party: Anton Schäferling, husband of Kreszentia Joachim, was the first mayor of Unterbissingen. 

Kreszentia (Joachim) and Anton Schäferling Family

In 1876, the Unterbissingen founded its own fire department. The first commandant was a Joachim.